Configure your Door

Welcome to the heart of our barn door craftsmanship! With our 'Configure your Door' feature, you're the mastermind behind your barn door's journey. From a range of door styles, Aussie-made rails, and handles, you've got the power to design a door that's as unique as you are. Make your entrance unforgettable. Start crafting your custom barn door today – it's time to bring a touch of Aussie character to your space!

2150×1200 British Brace Barn Door


Infuse your home with classic and timeless farm-style design through our British Brace barn doors. The British brace design is popular for its rustic and traditional appearance, often used in barns, homes, and other structures. Whether you prefer the charm of a natural finish or desire a more classic look through painting, our doors can seamlessly match your unique home style.

This bracing provides stability and support to the door, allowing it to handle the weight and stresses of daily use.

Please note this ready to-go door is provided primed.

British Brace

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