Configure your Door

Welcome to the heart of our barn door craftsmanship! With our 'Configure your Door' feature, you're the mastermind behind your barn door's journey. From a range of door styles, Aussie-made rails, and handles, you've got the power to design a door that's as unique as you are. Make your entrance unforgettable. Start crafting your custom barn door today – it's time to bring a touch of Aussie character to your space!

2150×1200 VJ Style Barn Door


Our VJ Style barn doors are a unique design characterised by vertical panels and lines. The vertical panels run from top to bottom, crafting a visually distinctive and aesthetically pleasing look. These VJ style barn doors often radiate a traditional and simple style, making them a favoured choice for infusing character and personality into interior spaces.

Please note this ready to-go door is provided primed.

VJ Style

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